New art, Old art, Progressive art, Religious art, Experimental art, Romantic art, Erotic art, Painted, Drawn, Formed, Printed, we have it all.

This is a great time to appreciate art and an even better time to learn how to live a balanced life. At Krieger- Privateartcollection we believe in the innate link between the spiritual and the creative.
For over thirty years its collector Karl Krieger has been a traveler between the world of Asian antiques with their rich history, often rooted in the traditions
of the continents meditative spiritual practices, and western art lovers who wish to share in this heritage. It is only natural that over time modern western techniques and styles began to arrive in Asia and engender a lively exchange, both as a market and a source of beautiful creations. Today the interests of the collector continue to further this flow of creativity.

In keeping with its ongoing quest for excellence both
ancient and new, the gallery has recently become active in an artistic tradition that has managed to stay vibrant up to this day and is experiencing a veritable renaissance.

Thought to first have been developed almost two millennia ago in China, the art of the Print has had its ups and downs. Karl Krieger is determined to help ensure that the Print will continue on its long journey through the world of fine art.

Karl Krieger

Krieger-Private Art Collection